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Design and lighting: a perfect combination

OndaLuce 4 February 2022 0 comments

Interior design and lighting: a perfect combination.
In the contemporary era, lighting functional to the design of home environments is a topic that fascinates all those who have a vision based on progress and development.

Light as an element of involvement for the viewer, as a determining factor for the moral status of the individual, but also as a variable for the perception of spaces.
In fact, the size of an environment varies according to the lighting present in it. Whether it is small or large, a well thought out light can change its size in the viewer’s vision.
For example, a wall light or a suspension, if positioned in the center of the ceiling, can give more length to a small room, redistributing the light evenly within the environment.

If, on the other hand, we are in a basement or in a small tavern, we need to make up for the lack of natural lighting. In this case, it will be advisable to choose ceiling lights or wall lights, which will give greater glow and a more dispersed light in the corners of the room.

Today, the light is no longer static, but follows the lines of the furnishings, achieving the goal of better enhancing the design of the house. Constructive lighting that enhances the shades and suggests solutions that can make the corners of the house unique.

In a society attentive to issues such as energy saving, LED lighting is increasingly widespread and functional to environments that make sustainability a fixed and essential point.

With Ondaluce, light is functional to the rooms of the house, adapts to new shapes and is capable of giving new concepts of space and dimensions. A light that looks to the future and intertwines well with the new rules of design.